David Charlet

Dr. Charlet’s  research concerns the natural history of arid regions. His studies focus on the Great Basin and Mojave Desert, a region that includes most of Nevada and some of each of the surrounding states. Most of his research involves how plants are distributed across landscapes and regions.

Patrick Leary

Dr. Leary teaches Principles of Modern Biology I and II, Biol 190 and Biol 191. He also teaches Biol 122, Life in the Oceans. Dr. Leary conducts a course entitled Plants of the Southwest Deserts, Biol 122. He studies and writes about the native plants of southern Nevada.

Douglas Sims

Dr. Douglas B. Sims has been teaching environmental science at CSN since Fall, 2011. Some of the courses he teaches are environmental science, geography, meteorology and climatology. Dr. Sims received his BA in Anthropology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and an MS in Water Resources Management (concentration in soil science) from the Geoscience Department of the same university. Dr. Sims later earned a PhD in Environmental Science with a concentration in soil chemistry at Kingston University, London, United Kingdom.

Dr Sims routinely involves his students in field and laboratory research activities. He believes that by involving his students in real science they become excited about a career in this growing field.

His research interest relate to abandoned mining and their impacts on the wider environment including sediments, water, climate, animal, and human effects. He is interested in the greater environment and how climate change posses possible impacts in hyper-arid regions. He has published many articles in regional and international journals on historic mining, climate change and environmental impacts caused by human activities.