Naser Heravi

Currently, only involved in teaching computer programming and database courses at the College of Southern Nevada.

Gail Lupica

Undergraduate, pre-licensure faculty are faced with the challenges of preparing a nursing workforce that is well equipped to navigate a dynamic, complex, stressful, healthcare environment. Cognitive overload, poor interpersonal skills, differences in training and education among the healthcare team and constant distraction contribute to poor communication practices for nurses (Noland, 2014). The Joint Commission has reported that 80% of all medical errors in the healthcare setting is attributed to “miscommunication” (“Joint Commission Center,” 2012).

Evette Fuerniss

Patient education and readmission rates in the acute care setting

Prakash Phalke

Teaching Faculty as CSN so I do not recent research projects/experience.

Douglas Sims

Douglas Sims is Dean, School of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics at the College of Southern Nevada. He leads a school of more than 280 staff (FT and PT) serving 18000+ students. His focus is in sediments, geochemistry, environmental chemistry, and paleohydrology in the Southern Great Basin and Mojave Desert. Current projects are paleohydrology of desert playas, trace metals scavenging by rock varnish, surface water quality, and sediment migration and transport of trace metals in agricultural soils.

Bob Diaz

Bob Diaz, a CC Professor for the CADD Technology Department at the CSN. He has over 40-years of experience in design and manufacturing and is the lead instructor for the CADD Technology department at CSN. Among his many accomplishments in his 33-year career in higher education Mr. Diaz has spent 10 years managing Nevada Statewide Teacher Training Workshops and is the manager of the Autodesk Training Center at CSN. Awarded the 2020 DINO award from the AMUG (Additive Manufacturing Users Group). Education/Training Track Leader for AMUG 2021-2023. Haas Technical Education Community (HTEC) Council member 2021-2022.

David Charlet

Dr. Charlet’s  research concerns the natural history of arid regions. His studies focus on the Great Basin and Mojave Desert, a region that includes most of Nevada and some of each of the surrounding states. Most of his research involves how plants are distributed across landscapes and regions.

Patrick Leary

Dr. Leary teaches Principles of Modern Biology I and II, Biol 190 and Biol 191. He also teaches Biol 122, Life in the Oceans. Dr. Leary conducts a course entitled Plants of the Southwest Deserts, Biol 122. He studies and writes about the native plants of southern Nevada.