Dr. Gail Lupica

( College of Southern Nevada )


(702) 807-1246
  • Institution:College of Southern Nevada
  • Departments: Nursing, Health Science
  • Research Fields: Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Relationships
  • Disciplines: Adult Health Nurse/Nursing, Health Professions and Related Programs


I have had a number of students from the Master’s degree program where I teach that I have mentored for their final practicum. I have been working as an online professor since 2014, where my mentees came from. As a community college professor I have students that are in my clinical sections that I take under my wing to discuss career aspirations, etc…


Undergraduate, pre-licensure faculty are faced with the challenges of preparing a nursing workforce that is well equipped to navigate a dynamic, complex, stressful, healthcare environment. Cognitive overload, poor interpersonal skills, differences in training and education among the healthcare team and constant distraction contribute to poor communication practices for nurses (Noland, 2014). The Joint Commission has reported that 80% of all medical errors in the healthcare setting is attributed to “miscommunication” (“Joint Commission Center,” 2012).

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Dr. Gail Lupica
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