Dr. Michael Pravica

( University of Nevada, Las Vegas )


(702) 895-1723
  • Institution:University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Departments: physics and astronomy
  • Research Fields: High Pressure Science, Spectroscopy, X-ray Photochemistry
  • Disciplines: Acoustics, Chemical Physics, Chemistry, Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Materials Chemistry, Nuclear Physics, Optics/Optical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Physics, Plasma and High-Temperature Physics, Polymer Chemistry
  • Funding:DoE - Department of Energy, UNLV - University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Too numerous to mention here. I have been teaching at UNLV since August of 2003. I was also an assistant professor for four years at New Mexico Highlands University. I have mentored dozens of high school, undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students.


I am a high pressure physicist who studies matter subjected to extreme conditions using spectroscopic means (infrared, Raman, x-ray absorption and nuclear magnetic resonance.).