Levent Atici

I am an anthropologically trained archaeologist with a research focus on the relationships between humans, non-human animals, and the environment. I am particularly interested in the origins of the food we eat, and the evolution of urban food provisioning systems. My research program features fieldwork, laboratory analysis, and an integrative approach to big data and sharing digital data. My background at the intersection of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences allows me to understand and support undergraduate education across the continuum of academic disciplines. As a student of life and infinitely curious Homo sapiens, I often wear multiple hats and strive to integrate multiple perspectives in everything I do.

Evette Fuerniss

Patient education and readmission rates in the acute care setting

M. Rashed Khan

Khan Lab@UNR aims to study, design, and develop soft materials, unconventional processes, and reconfigurable micro/nanodevices that can be harnessed and optimized further for advanced biochemical, biomedical, and physicochemical applications. The lab is also keen to establish a multidisciplinary smart-manufacturing research group, including researchers from various backgrounds. Through short and long-term active collaboration, Khan Lab@UNR would like to address fundamental challenges associated with soft micro-device fabrication, 3D/4D (bio)printing, and patterning, advanced hybrid sensor manufacturing, biomedical device development – which are still unnoticed and under-explored, and need further investigation.

Additionally, our group also focuses on computational neuroscience and neurobioengineering. Under this research direction, we study human brain, brain functions, brain structure so that the established knowledge can be broadly applicable to general biomecical science and knowledge of the brain and brain-diseases.

Bob Diaz

Bob Diaz, a CC Professor for the CADD Technology Department at the CSN. He has over 40-years of experience in design and manufacturing and is the lead instructor for the CADD Technology department at CSN. Among his many accomplishments in his 33-year career in higher education Mr. Diaz has spent 10 years managing Nevada Statewide Teacher Training Workshops and is the manager of the Autodesk Training Center at CSN. Awarded the 2020 DINO award from the AMUG (Additive Manufacturing Users Group). Education/Training Track Leader for AMUG 2021-2023. Haas Technical Education Community (HTEC) Council member 2021-2022.

Jacque Ewing-Taylor

As the Institutional Grants Coordinator, Jacque Ewing-Taylor brings together interdisciplinary research teams to respond to high-profile grant Requests For Proposal (RFPs) and coordinates the support for proposal review.

Ewing-Taylor also holds the position of associate director of the Raggio Research Center for STEM Education. The Raggio Center is focused on the educational aspects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) such as professional development for educators and improving instruction for students.

A major function of the center is supporting the evaluation portion of the grant process and this correlates to Ewing-Taylor’s primary research interest—studying professional development strategies that best increase teacher effectiveness. Ewing-Taylor points out that, “kids are natural scientists” and she is focused on finding the best ways to develop those tendencies.