Dr. Sarah VanderMeer

( Nevada State University )

  • Institution:Nevada State University
  • Departments: Physical And Life Sciences, Dean's Office - School Of Liberal Arts, Sciences, And Business
  • Research Fields: Geology, Environmental Science, Glacial Geology, Geomorphology, Surficial Geology, Near-surface Geophysics
  • Disciplines: Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences, Physical Sciences
  • Location:Clark County


I have been teaching college-level introductory geology courses at several institutions since 2012 either as a graduate student or as a part-time professor. I often work with students who are majoring in other subjects (geology may not be their primary interest) and enjoy seeing how varying backgrounds and interests can deliver valuable contributions to the field of geology. I especially enjoy helping students make connections between their passions and how geology is related, and vice-versa. My mentoring experience has exclusively been with students in my courses rather than research projects so far, but I am certainly open to mentoring students on a few side projects related to my primary research (glacial geology in Michigan).


My research focus involves mapping surficial geology, which includes collecting traditional field data (e.g. sediment samples) as well as any pertinent geophysical data (e.g. passive seismic) and/or lab analyses (e.g. grain size analysis). I also use GIS mapping software to produce final map products. I use maps with other important data to help interpret how various landscapes developed into the patterns we see today.

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Dr. Sarah VanderMeer
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