Dr. Li Li

( University of Nevada, Reno )


(775) 682-7077
  • Institution:University of Nevada, Reno
  • Departments: school of public health
  • Research Fields: Pollutant, Exposure, Toxicity, Toxicokinetics, Health Impacts, Environmental, Modeling, Chemical, Contaminant
  • Disciplines: Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Health, Health Professions and Related Programs, Physical Sciences
  • Funding:Private Industry, UNR - University of Nevada, Reno


Since joining the University of Nevada, Reno as an assistant professor in 2019, Dr. Li has been leading the Health & Environment Assessment Team (HEAT) which includes three Ph.D. students, three master’s students, and five undergraduate students, with their majors ranging from environmental science to public health.


Dr. Li’s research is focused on developing and applying computational models to assess how human-made chemical substances reside, travel, and change in the human socioeconomic system, the environment, and food webs, and how they enter our bodies and cause potential environmental and health concerns. These chemicals include notorious examples like flame retardants, plasticizers, pesticides, personal care products, and disinfectants, which are frequently detected in homes, food items, and tap water across the U.S. and other countries.