Ms. Leah Madison

( Desert Research Institute )


(775) 315-7958
  • Institution:Desert Research Institute
  • Departments: Division Of Earth And Ecosystem Sciences, Education, Geography
  • Research Fields: Coproduction, Stem, K-12, Communication, Co-production, Applied Science, Evaluation, Partnership Building, Drought
  • Disciplines: Education, Geography, Social Sciences


I have mentored many people at different levels. I enjoy working with people and helping them find their strengths. I have developed a framework to design a project based on the individuals interests and strengths, and regular check in points and feedback sessions to ensure progress to goals. Over the years, this has included: 4 high school students, 6 education bachelor students, 15 americorps members, 7 part time employees, and 4 full time employees.


Madison has spent 10 years in k-12 education program support, building broader impacts for a variety of scientific topics. She creates partnerships between scientists and community organizations to meet educational needs. Current research aims to increase the amount of co-production being used between stakeholders to improve applied sciences.