Dr. Lazaro Perez

( Desert Research Institute )


(775) 673-7696
  • Institution:Desert Research Institute
  • Departments: division of hydrologic sciences
  • Research Fields: Contaminant Transport, Arsenic Removal, Computational Models, Microfluidics, Mixing And Reaction, Microbial Processes
  • Disciplines: Environmental Chemistry, Geochemistry, Hydrology and Water Resources Science, Physical Sciences
  • Location:Carson City
  • Funding:DoE - Department of Energy, DRI - Desert Research Institute, NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NIH - National Institutes of Health, NSF - National Science Foundation, Private Industry, USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture, USGS - U.S. Geological Survey


I have mentored a total of five students at the Ph.D., master, and undergraduate levels.


My work seeks to identify and understand the coupling between physical heterogeneity and biochemical processes that control environmental biogeochemical reactions, energy, and mass transfer processes in the environment. We design and implement multiscale laboratory experiments visualization and numerical modeling.
My research is highly collaborative and multidisciplinary that provides domain expertise in scale biogeochemistry, reactive transport processes, multiphase flow systems, lab-to-field-scale hydrogeology, and computational geochemistry.

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