Mr. Gary Swift

( Western Nevada College )


(775) 790-6723
  • Institution:Western Nevada College
  • Departments: physics
  • Research Fields: Power Generation, Machinery Condition Monitoring, Vibration Analysis
  • Disciplines: Acoustics, Nuclear Physics, Physical Sciences
  • Locations:Carson City, Douglas County


I taught Aerospace Education topics for several years to Civil Air Patrol Cadets (age 12-18). Also helped to start CAP Cadet Glider Orientation (GO!) Program for the state of Nevada, and taught Private Pilot ground school at a couple CAP glider flight academy events. I also helped to teach several adult learners (and a couple teenagers) how to build custom guitars from scratch.


I’m not officially a researcher, but I have many years of Applied Engineering experience. 5 years in the Navy as a nuclear submarine officer, 13 years at Southern California Edison as a Shift Technical Advisor and NRC Licensed Operator training instructor, 2 years as a high school Physical Science teacher, 15 years as a Technical Editor, Curriculum Developer and Trainer of Machinery Condition Monitoring, and a couple more years as a Tech Writer.

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