Dr. Eric Crosbie

( University of Nevada, Reno )


(775) 682-8333
  • Institution:University of Nevada, Reno
  • Departments: department of health behavior, policy, and administration sciences (hbpas)
  • Research Fields: Commercial Determinants Of Health, Health Policy, Global Health, Tobacco Control, Nutrition, Substance Use, Transnational Corporations, International Relations, Latin America
  • Disciplines: Health Professions and Related Programs, Public Health, Social Sciences
  • Funding:NIH - National Institutes of Health, UNR - University of Nevada, Reno


From 2018 to 2023, Dr. Crosbie has already mentored and advised seven doctoral students, 19 MPH students and 33 undergraduate students in public health. He has also served on graduate student committees from various disciplines taught at UNR including political science, psychology, nursing, and medicine. Additionally, Dr. Crosbie has mentored and advised graduate students from other universities in the U.S. including the University of California, San Francisco, the University of Connecticut, and the University of North Carolina as well as from universities in other countries including Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina.

Dr. Crosbie’s research with students has resulted in peer-reviewed publications in high impact public health journals (n=26), health advocacy reports (n=4), government public consultation submissions (n=3), and book chapters (n=2). His students have helped present this research as co-authors at local (n=10), national (n=8) and international public health conferences (n=6). Additionally, with Dr. Crosbie’s support, his students have earned research grants (n=11) and scholarships (n=12) demonstrating his ability to help support students financially. Dr. Crosbie has also been recognized for these efforts by earning various mentorship awards such as the Senior Scholar Mentor Award.


Dr. Eric Crosbie is a political scientist who examines commercial determinants of health and public health policy. His research focuses on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and examines how commercial industries (tobacco, food and beverage, alcohol, pharmaceutical and fossil fuel) are a key driver of the NCD epidemic and how they influence public health regulations.

Dr. Crosbie’s research is local in analyzing smoke-free environments and sugar-sweetened beverage taxation regulations in the U.S. as well as global in examining tobacco and nutrition packaging and labeling policies and the impact of trade on health. Dr. Crosbie has both local and international experience collaborating with health organizations and health advocates to educate and disseminate academic research findings to policymakers, including publishing research in Spanish to reach wider audiences. Dr. Crosbie also works with undergraduate and graduate students to publish and present research. Overall his research is multi-disciplinary combining elements of public health, political science, international relations, economics, law, and business to examine public health policy both locally and globally.