Dr. Edward Ester

( University of Nevada, Reno )


(541) 729-3238
  • Institution:University of Nevada, Reno
  • Departments: Psychology, Neuroscience
  • Research Fields: Cognition, Sensation, Perception, Neuroimaging, Mri
  • Disciplines: Psychology, Research and Experimental Psychology
  • Location:Washoe County
  • Funding:NSF - National Science Foundation


As a junior faculty mentor, I’ve been fortunate to mentor and collaborate with a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students. Many undergraduate students that I’ve mentored have contributed to scholarly presentations and publications from my laboratory, and several have gone on to pursue graduate study in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Medicine.


My research examines how people store and manipulate information over short intervals to solve problems and make decisions – what we typically call short-term memory. We use behavioral methods combined with non-invasive measurements of brain activity (primarily EEG and fMRI) to examine many basic questions about short-term memory: how does the brain represent information that’s no longer present in the environment? How are memory representations created, accessed, updated, and deleted when no longer necessary?