Patrick Naranjo

( University of Nevada, Las Vegas )


(702) 895-1829
  • Institution:University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Departments: Office of Diversity Initiatives
  • Research Fields: Tribal Cultural Property Protection, Native American Cultural Property, American Indian/Alaska Native Cultures And Education, Tribal Cultural Property Protection
  • Disciplines: Education, Higher Education/Higher Education Administration
  • Location:Clark County
  • Funding:UNLV - University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Patrick Naranjo serves as a mentor and example of leadership for current and prospective Native American students in Southern Nevada at UNLV. This leadership is demonstrated within his official capacity as designated mentor, and adviser to various Native American youth groups in Clark County and UNLV.


Liaison, Outreach & Program Coordinator for Native American Populations, Office of Diversity Initiatives. Patrick Naranjo has dual roles of expertise at UNLV. He specializes in counseling services for the campus community as an ombuds specialist working to create a confidential, safe environment for dispute resolution, identify viable resources and referrals, and assist the campus community considering all options available.

Naranjo’s primary expertise lies within his advocacy for the protection of tribal resources; in particular, indigenous cultural resources through tribal legislation.