Chanwoo Park

( University of Nevada, Reno )


(775) 682-6301
  • Institution:University of Nevada, Reno
  • Departments: Mechanical Engineering
  • Disciplines: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Location:Washoe County
  • Funding:NSF - National Science Foundation


Dr. Park’s research includes: Two-phase heat transfer/systems (e.g., boiling, condensation, micro/nano-scale heat transfer, pump-assisted hybrid two-phase loop, loop heat pipe, capillary pumped loop, and heat pipe) for cooling of high performance electronics (e.g., spacecraft electronics, computer chip and power electronics (e.g., IGBT)) and Directed Energy Weapon systems (e.g., high energy laser and high power microwave), and vehicle thermal management (e.g., fuel cell and hybrid electric vehicles).

Energy conversion/storage/transportation technologies including renewable energy (e.g., solar and geothermal energy), fuel cell, thermoelectricity (cooling and power generation), solid hydrogen storage/compression, heat storage (metal hydrides and phase change materials), rechargeable battery (Li-Ion and Ni-MH), thermoelectrics (cooling and power generation) and Diesel ICE simulation.

Nanotechnologies using nano-fluids, nano-fibers and nano-composites to improve traditional thermal and mechanical properties and designs. Both theoretical and experimental approaches are used for the research